Howard W. Robertson

Odes to the Ki of the Universe. 2nd rev. ed.

This is the 2nd revised edition of this collection of poems, many of them long poems, that re-evaluates our moment in time in terms of the ecology of the biosphere and the entire history of the Universe. It is a spiritual book that is based on solid science as well as the author's empirical experiences as an aikidoist.

Selected Works

Love story set a hundred years from now in a dinosaur park in Oregon.
A short novel about racism on the Oregon frontier.
Contemporary tales of married love and sustainability.
Poems of the biosphere.
Revised edition of this spiritual book based on solid science and the author's experiences in aikido. These poems re-evaluate our moment in time in terms of the Gaian biosphere.
Prize-winning poems from 1987-1994.
"These poems breathe with the cosmos, exhaling the beauty of daily life." --Tamara Pinkas
"Truly remarkable. Tremendous breadth. Superb!" --Matthew Stadler
“Gorgeous, an intoxicating blend.” --Santa Cruz Metroactive
“Beautiful mystery.” --Ahsahta Press

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