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The Bricolage of Kotegaeshi

"Beautiful. Truly remarkable. The tremendous breadth I am accustomed to finding in Howard W. Robertson's work is here constricted by a narrative shape of such concision and grace that every line bristles with a double motion: the forward-moving pressure of the narrative and a simultaneous bursting outward. Superb!" --Matthew Stadler

"Howard W. Robertson depicts moments of contemplation and the details of space and time that compose and impinge upon that contemplation. This is beautiful, masterful poetry, full of human invention and joy, and earthly and universal resolution." --Pattiann Rogers

"Robertson makes syntactical use of streaming periodicity which holds the reader because of his steadiness of metaphor. He always has the essential through-line of action unified and on-driving until the last surprising word. His tour de force is to narrate in the first-person yet to include humanity's universal experience." --Elizabeth R. Curry

"Robertson perfects his unique line, flitting from sublime detail to detail. He reaches a standard that sometimes seems no longer to exist in the current poetry culture of easy praise and low expectations. He is growing into a poet of major consequence." --Grant Cogswell