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The Gaian Odes

"This is one of the most original and powerful books of poetry you can find: a series of independent, inter-related, flowing expressions of ways of seeing the world and all life in it that makes existence an experience of a fantastic reality--not a fantasy but a reality that is more like--in Thoreau's words--'an Arabian Nights' entertainment' than we think. Howard Robertson offers here a mastery of language and vision that's rare in literature at all times but, gratefully, present for us now." --Gordon Grigsby

"Howard W. Robertson’s poetry connects me to the universe. His poems are like the viewfinder of a camera where the focus moves from the specific to the cosmic and back. His words evoke an organic undulation along the threads that join us multidimensionally through time and space, interpersonally and ecologically. Roberton's poems breathe with the cosmos, exhaling the beauty of daily life." --Tamara Pinkas

"Howard W. Robertson is an Oregon poet whose unique style of streaming periodicity, combined with his wide-ranging intellect, elevates his visionary poetry to a different plane of experience than the average contemporary poet reaches." --Powell’s Books

"Robertson really captures the pacing and might of geological landscapes in his poems. You could call it a glacier of words." --Van Diep

"This poetry displays a superb engagement with space as well as written language. Its flow resembles a mountain river." --Matthew Stadler